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Business Process Outsourcing
PhyCARE Solution's global footprint allows us to provide high quality cost effective solutions to support your business needs. Our team of highly trained and skilled employees can customize a workplan to assist of clients in better managing their operations.
Through its Affiliate company, PhyCARE is able to meet the transcription needs of its clients by providing high quality, reliable, cost effective transcribed dictations, received and managed effortlessly with a quick turn-around time and HIPAA compliant.
System Programming and Reporting
PhyCARE employs a team of system professionals who are able to meet all hardware and software needs of our clients. Our programmers are able to customize system reporting in order provide the specific level of detail to enable our clients to manage and to monitor the productivity of their operations.
PhyCARE is a Global Health Care services company offers Revenue Cycle Management, Recruitment and Business Process Outsourcing Services to its clients. Our ability to deliver quality solutions comes from years of experience in healthcare built on expertise with constant focus on efficiency, cost effectiveness and customer satisfaction. Our broad range of customizable solutions caters to the needs of payers and providers.
Data Entry
PhyCARE's global solutions enable us to meet the data processing needs of our clients. Using our highly educated and skilled employees, we are able to provide a quality, and cost effective solution to support the data processing requirements of all types of industries and services.
Human Resources
PhyCARE's combined global and domestic human resource professionals are able to provide a customized human resource solution. Our staff includes employment, recruitment, and benefit professionals who can work and support your human resource needs.
PhyCARE employs financial professionals with knowledge in accounting and statistics to provide or assist our clients with accounting, budgeting, and other analytical requirements to effectively manage their operations.
PhyCARE's global outreach enables PhyCARE clients to obtain access to legal assistance to review contracts, conduct research and perform other legal services in a cost effective manner.
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